Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kitchen Specifying

We are still in the middle of finalising our kitchen design and specification. I've changed the layout a little.
Her indoors had the idea of moving the oven to the centre of the over-all kitchen. This managed to give us a better drawer arrangement, instead of two very wide ones either side we could divide it into three.

The next decision is the oven and range hood. I quite like the range hood to the left. It is a Schweigen WM2190 which apparently has the motor in the roof and therefore doesn't make any noise. It is also supposedly very powerful and moves up to 1600 cubic metres of air an hour.

We will get the builder to quote on this. The next is the oven. I am really struggling to find what oven is the best and would suit what we want. I am almost tempted to go with what the builder is offering which is the Westinghouse DSK963S 900mm freestanding oven. The only issue I have with this oven is that it doesn't have automatic controls. The Westinghouse DSK965S however does have better controls and I don't think it is much more expensive. It looks like the oven below.

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