Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nearmap - Spot the difference

I finally managed to have a look at the latest nearmap image of the house:
This one is dated 6/4/11 - You can see that we now have our solar hot water collector at the top of the image and the evaporative cooling at the bottom of the image.  Also you can see the pile of demolished bricks in the front yard.
 This is what the roof looked like in November last year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too many bricks

What shall we do with these bricks?

These are the bricks that we have saved and put to the back.

These are the bricks still left in the front.

The brickies have now finished and the brickwork looks excellent. The sill bricks are just right and the expansion joints go all the way up and down now. The mortar is all spaced nice and evenly it will now just need to be re coloured.

We still haven't had a final inspection yet and we still don't know when we will be in the house but things at least are still moving.

Last week, after multiple calls to the office, I was finally told that a site clean was going to happen on Thursday. I knew that there was another huge batch of bricks left so I left work early on Wednesday and started moving bricks from the pallets at the front to the stack we had started at the back. This was very hard work with my cheap wheelbarrow and rain and mud. I managed to move about two pallets worth (750 bricks). We now have about 1500 bricks stacked in the backyard.

On Thursday morning whilst I was shopping for our Easter trip away I drove past the house to see the site being cleaned.

I asked what they were going to do with the bricks still left in the front and they planned to leave them. Then our new site supervisor arrived. His first statement after our introductions was do you want to keep all of these bricks. He said they can move them out of the way of the driveway for us if I want. All of that work on Wednesday to save the bricks and they could have done it for me.

Anyway at least the bricks are all ok. Now to bombard the new site supervisor with lots of questions. He had copies of my email queries with him and we went through each and every one.

He called the insulation people to see when the subfloor insulation would go in. They were in the process of scheduling it and it should go in this week. The right toilets need to be delivered, I made sure that he had exactly the right code etc. Unfortunately this means that the plaster behind the toilets will need to be fixed.

We pretty much went through everything and I am now pretty confident that by final inspection all should be good. Unfortunately it looks like final inspection won't be until next week. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We have a splashback

Her indoors is not 100% on the colour, however I think it works well.

It really depends what angle you look at it.

Once the power points are right and we have light working it will change again.

Apparently the director at Romeo is sick this week, this has pushed our inspection out to next week. The brickies are back and redoing the rest of the house.
More to follow...

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