Wednesday, July 8, 2009

West or North Windows or Doors

Her indoors and I are currently in a debate about how to align the doors and windows in the rumpus room of our house. The current plan shows only a door on the West End (North is up on the above picture).

I hear that it is always good to maximize Northerly sun, therefore I would like at least highlight windows on the North Side of the Rumpus. We are not sure if we want a door at the end of the room that would turn our carpeted Rumpus into a thoroughfare. We would like at least a window to look out onto our back yard. This however has the dilemma of having a West Facing window that would heat up this room on hot summer evenings.

As it is unavoidable to have anything other than a West Facing window on Bed 4 I am thinking that eventually I will build a pergola at the West End of the house and grow a deciduous vine like grapes or something on it to stop the sun coming in. If we do end up with a door or window in the Rumpus I will extent the pergola over this area.

We are still undecided but we do need to make a decision before we finalise our plans.

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