Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heating Ducts

OK so I've been extremely slack and haven't updated the blog with all of the details that I promised.  Also I'm sur you don't care about heating ducts but this.post comes at the request of her indoors and she must be obeyed.

Anyway we have now been in our fantastic house for three months now and we are still sorting out things such as curtains and landscaping.  As part of getting the curtains organised we've had an interior designer helping out and she noticed that some of our heating vents are a little too close to the windows.  This.may cause a problem with our curtains.

Romeo have been very good with the three month maintenane items that we informed them of so far.  They've sent out the heating guy already, the garage guy will be there today and the plumbers tomorrow.  Our zoning on the heating wasn't working correctly the evap cooling wasn't pumping water and the sub floor ducting needed to be better secured.  This was all done with no fuss but when we asked about the vent location the guy said they should be further away but they won't do anything about.  Her indoors has a cousin in the heating and cooling game and his advice is that best practice is to use a template that ensures that the vents are 50mm from the wall or 150mm from a window. This has not been done in our case. The biggest problem is our master bedroom and the lounge where we want flowing curtains down to the floor. With a vent right in the way this will be a problem.

So this is for you people (Linnibea and JanineK) who can still get things right. Thinks.of your window.furnishings when placing vents. Also if anyone can point me to the strict rules on heater vent placement please let me know so that I can get the heating people to get it right.