Timeline Record

Following a review of the possible inclement weather days I thought that I had better start a page on the blog to ensure that I had a good record of the weather and what was done on that day.

Sunday 5/12/10 - moved bricks around site
Monday 6/12/10 - Site Cleaned

Sunday 19/12/10 - On site no action

Sunday - 2/1/11 - No one on site noticed shelving had been done
Monday - 3/1/11 - Carpenter on site
Tuesday - 4/1/11 - Fine weather no one noticed on site - went past at mid day and in later afternoon
Wednesday - 5/1/11 - Fine weather no one noticed on site
Thursday 6/1/11 - Fine weather no one noticed on site
Friday - 7/1/11 - Fine weather no one noticed on site - went by in morning nothing had changed
Saturday - 8/1/11 - Fine during the day but plenty of rain starting after dark. Don't know if anything happened on site.
Sunday - 9/1/11 - Cloudy all day but no rain. Good enough for me to work in garden almost all day. Didn't go to site though.
Monday - 10/1/11 - rained consistently no one on site
Tuesday - 11/1/11 - rained again. Went by no action since previous review
Wednesday - 12/1/11 - pouring with rain today.  Haven't been past yet.
Thursday - 13/1/11 - miserable. Her indoors went past twice. No Acton.
Friday - 14/1/11 - poured, Yarra flooded etc. but lo and behold the garage was concreted 
Saturday - 15/1/11 - beautiful day went past twice no action.
Sunday - 16/1/11 - another beautiful day.  Mowed lawn out front.  Popped head in quickly nothing happened.
Monday - 17/1/11 - didn't go past today. Tiny drizzle patches in evening
Tuesday - 18/1/11 - fine weather underground gas supply installed
Wednesday - 19/1/11 - fine weather Romeos office reopen after break.  Went past in evening, no change.
Thursday - 20/1/11 - fine day. Picture rails delivered.
Friday - 21/1/11 - Fine Warm Day timber delivered to garage
Saturday - 22/1/11 - fine day. Picture rails started. Piers repaired.
Sunday - 23/1/11 - fine day. Her indoors went by and saw nothing.
Monday - 24/1/11 - plenty of rain in the morning. Didn't go past yesterday.
Tuesday - 25/1/11 - beautiful day. There were supposed to be showers. Went past, plaster delivered and more progress on picture rail.
Wednesday - 26/1/11 - Australia Day.  Light drizzle.
Thursday - 27/1/11 - rode past early this morning.  Beautiful day.  No one there at 7:20.  I looked into the master bedroom and the picture rail hasn't been finished.
Friday - 28/1/11 - rode past again and peaked in.  No action again.  Still perfect weather today. Spoke to SS.
Saturday - 29/1/11 - beautiful day, warm.  Expecting plastering. Went by at midday, nothing happening, however both gates were wide open.  I suspect that this was the SS visiting on Friday.
Sunday - 30/1/11 - scorcher.  Went past in the morning.  No change.
Monday - 31/1/11 - 35 degrees.  No activity. Her indoors went by in arvo twice
Tuesday - 1/2/11 - Forecast for 38.  Her indoors went by in morning.  Looks like plasterers may be there.
Wednesday - 2/2/11 - Plastering done in garage and alfresco yesterday.  Nice day forecast for showers in the arvo.  Went by in afternoon.  No action.
Thursday - 3/2/11 - Slight drizzle after 8:30 AM in town. Carpenter was in master bedroom.
Friday - 4/2/11 - Rain in morning.  Got call from SS, plasters to finish over next couple of days, painting next week. Skirts in garage done.
Saturday - 5/2/11 - Heavy rain overnight and all morning.  Went past and had an explore.  No real activity today.  Shelving and picture rail done inside.  Only carpenter work to be done outside.
Sunday - 6/2/11 - Showers during the day. Went by in evening.  South side bricks may have been slightly cleaned during the week.
Monday - 7/2/11 - Fine morning.  White van with ladders on at site.  Evidence of putty etc in door frames and picture rail.
Tuesday - 8/2/11 - Went past in morning. No activity. Went again in the evening still nothing more
Wednesday - 9/2/11 - plasterer spotted off the garage and the alfresco. Left a note saying he needed cornices even though there were plenty in rumpus.
Thursday - 10/2/11 - threatened showers all day with nothing. No activity on Site. Possible cornice delivery of two lengths.
Friday - 11/2/11 - no activity.  Considerable communication with builder.  A few showers during the day.  Her indoors went past three time.
Saturday - 12/2/11 - Went past at 11:00 no change.
Sunday - 13/2/11 - Had a good look around on my own before inspection with director on Wednesday
Monday - 14/2/11 - Fine day 3 plasterers in garage.
Tuesday - 15/2/11 - Fine day two trips past with no activities
Wednesday - 16/2/11 - rain started after 7:00pm. Met with director in the morning. No work performed.
Thursday - 17/2/11 - damp underfoot in the morning but no rain yet. Electrician poked holes everywhere.
Friday - 18/2/11 - fine morning.   Painters, electrician and carpenter on site.
Saturday - 19/2/11 - wet underfoot, however noone on site at 10:15. Dry and fine for the rest of the day
Sunday - 20/2/11 -  Showers in the mid morning.  Popped by, it appears that timber had moved a little, however no obvious progress.
Monday - 21/2/11 - Overcast however fine weather. No activity.
Tuesday - 22/2/11 - Fine day. Brick cleaning. Painters were supposed to be back today? More cornice delivered most likely for alfresco.  Carpenter seems to have been there too seal up timber near window.
Wednesday - 23/2/11 - Fine day.  Painters on site in morning.  Plumbers doing down pipes in the evening.
Thursday - 24/2/11 - Fine day.  Carpenter working on deck. Stain glass window installed.
Friday - 25/2/11 -  Fine day. No one on site in the morning.
Saturday - 26/2/11 - Fine day. Went by at 11:00 no one there despite the carpenter saying he would finish off. The guttering at the verandah appears to have been fixed.
Sunday - 27/2/11 - Miserable showers in the morning. Went by at 12:00 and worked int he back yard for most of the afternoon.  No one on site, drainage still needs attention due to unfinished downpipes.
Monday - 28/2/11 - Overcast and slight drizzle in the morning.  Painters on site.
Tuesday - 1/3/11 - Overcast, showers at 11:00.  Painters inside cleaning and setting up to spray ceilings.  Painters had left by 12:30, however most things look sealed ready for spraying the roof.
Wednesday - 2/3/11 - Fine day, painters should be spraying today.  Ceiling in garage and alfresco done. Grout in ensuite shower base.  Meter box left open
Thursday - 3/3/11 - Chance of a shower, fine in the morning. Painters working outside and first coat done throughout most of the inside.
Friday - 4/3/11 - Fine morning.  Painters on site again.
Saturday - 5/3/11 - Beautiful Day. Bin emptied. Most platerboard cleared up.
Sunday - 6/3/11 - Beautiful Day. No one on site by about 11:30. - Damages start!!
Monday - 7/3/11 - Beautiful Day. $42.86 off contract.  Painters on site.
Tuesday - 8/3/11 - Fine early some light showers in the city at 9:00AM. $85.71 off contract.  New carpenters on site, painters still going may now finish on Thursday. Down Pipes all in but not connected at back of garage and back of house.  Carpentry looks like it is fully done.
Wednesday - 9/3/11 - Wet underfoot and showers in the morning. Tiles delivered, no other apparent activity.
Thursday - 10/3/11 - Constant Drizzle. $171.43 off contract (that's a free upgrade for our rumpus windows to awning windows). Painters on site.
Friday - 11/3/11 - Painters on site in morning. Fine weather
Saturday - 12/3/11 - Fine weather, don't know what happened
Sunday - 13/3/11 - May have rained, don't know what happened.
Monday - 14/3/11 (Labor Day) - Fine weather, popped by at mid day, door furniture installed, tiling started, painting looks finished although needs a serious quality check.
Tuesday - 15/3/11 - Occasional very light drizzle.  Door stops added and alfresco cornice. $385.71 off contract....
Wednesday - 16/3/11 - Cloudy, someone mixing grout in garage.  Tiling almost finished
Thursday - 17/3/11 - Cloudy, chance of drizzle, no one there at 8:00AM.  Tiling almost finished.  Just the grouting of the ensuite shower and the edges in the other rooms.
Friday - 18/3/11 - Overcast. No one on site, no progress
Saturday - 19/3/11 - Lovely day.  No action
Sunday - 20/3/11 - Beautiful day, a lot of work done in the garden by me.....
Monday - 21/3/11 - Rain forecast for afternoon, 4 tradies on site.  Brivis doing evap cooling, Problumb, Dezign Electrics and one other (hopefully doing the heating). More tiling done, down pipes fitted.
Tuesday - 22/3/11 - Drizzle in the morning.  Site cleaners on site.
Wednesday - 23/3/11 - Fine Day.  Insulation installed in Ceiling.  Brickies there assessing what needs to be done (too much).
Thursday - 24/3/11 - Slight drizzle in the morning. Raining mid day.  Brickies on site. Side wall taken down.  No bricks delivered.
Friday - 25/3/11 - Rain in morning starting to clear. $814 damages. Still no bricks delivered, however brickies carefully removing bull nose bricks at front.  Bricks delivered during the day.  Correct tap installed in kitchen.
Saturday - 26/3/11 - Slight showers. No one on site.
Sunday - 27/3/11 - Rain overnight, fine during the day.  No one on site. Did a brick audit and climbed into roof.
Monday - 28/3/11 - Dry day.  Bricking continuing, mirrors installed
Tuesday - 29/3/11 - Dry day. Sanding put off due to bricking.  Brickies almost done North wall and repointed most vent holes.  Met with Director.  He will stop brickies to get sanding of floor boards done and get brickies back to rebrick most of house.  New timeline in in three weeks?
Wednesday - 30/3/11 - Slight drizzle.  Brickies, sparkies and floorboards sanded.
Thursday - 31/3/11 - Floor boards resanded and first coat done.  Caulker arrived but was sent away as he was not allowed to access.
Friday - 1/4/11 - New coat on floorboards.  Carpets need final payment of extras and are booked for Monday.  Rough cast render is being installed.
Saturday - 2/4/11 - No one on site, slight drizzle
Sunday - 3/4/11 - Morning weather OK. Did not go past
Monday - 4/4/11 - Slight drizzle in morning.  Carpet installer sick, sower screen in main bathroom installed
Tuesday - 5/4/11 - Good Weather, carpet installed.  Shower screen in ensuite installed.
Wednesday - 6/4/11 - Good Weather.  Brickies back on site.  Rear wall started.  Sealing of grout and shower screens done.  Call from Romeo confirmng colour of splashback.  Email to Romoe re wrong show in bath, finish timeline etc.  Received call from Romeo, apparently director sick and in hospital.  Received email from reception, shower is as specified.
Thursday - 7/4/11 - Brickies almost finished back wall. Splashback installed.
Friday - 8/4/11 - Brickies continuing, new SS started on our site this mornng.
Saturday - 9/4/11 - No one on site, nice day, showers in evening
Sunday - 10/4/11 - Did not go past, a few light showers
Monday - 11/4/11 - fine day, brickies working on south wall
Tuesday - 12/4/11 - heavy rain overnight but clearing in morning. No one on site in morning.
Wednesday - 13/4/11 - wet ground in morning, however no showers. Brickies on site almost finished south wall.
Thursday - 14/4/11 - Drizzle in morning.
Friday - 15/4/11  - Supposedly 1.2mm of rain, however I can't find whether anyone was on site.
Saturday - 16/4/11 - No one on site
Sunday - 17/4/11 - Didn't go by
Monday - 18/4/11 - only 0.2mm of rain.  I think the brickies were there.
Tuesday - 19/4/11 - Brickies on site.
Wednesday - 20/4/11 - Brickies finished, I moved lots of bricks
Thursday - 21/4/11 - Site clean and SS on site.
Friday - 22/4/11 - lovely day no one around
Saturday - 23/4/11 - Long Weekend
Sunday - 24/4/11 - The house is almost resurrected :-)
Monday - 25/4/11 - Public Holiday
Tuesday - 26/4/11 - Another Public Holiday. I stacked bricks nicely to be moved.
Wednesday - 27/4/11 - Brick cleaning.
Thursday - 28/4/11 - beautiful day.
Friday - 29/4/11 - Beautiful day - no action
Saturday - 30/4/11 - Beautiful day - no action.
Sunday - 1/5/11 - overcast however only rained in afternoon.
Monday - 2/5/11 - Drizzle in morning, fine afternoon.
Tuesday - 3/5/11 - Reasonably fine, plumbers on site in morning and at about 1:00PM
Wednesday - 4/5/11 - Reasonably fine morning.  Site cleaner on site, and another tradie who left before 10:30AM.  The other tradie was the general mister fix it.  He was doing the privacy locks and the temporary stairs.
Thursday - 5/5/11 - Plumber and plasterer on site.
Friday - 6/5/11 - Interrogation of Site Supervisor by her indoors.  Painters to be around on Wednesday next week.
Saturday - 7/5/11 - No one on site, I added some soil around the alfresco columns to stop water pooling in and under the alfresco.
Sunday - 8/5/11 - Miserable day, not expecting anyone there.
Monday - 9/5/11 - Garage doors going on, plumbers on site? Previous SS on site.
Tuesday - 10/5/11 - Plasterers must have finished some aspects.
Wednesday - 11/5/11- Painters on site.  Electricians on site.
Thursday - 12/5/11 - Her indoors met with new SS.  Nawkaw fixing mortar colour.
Friday - 13/5/11 - Previous SS on site in late afternoon.
Saturday - 14/5/11 - Miserable day no one on site.
Sunday - 15/5/11 - Cloudy day, no one there.
Monday - 16/5/11 - Painters on site. Previous SS hopefully finally finishing carpentry.  Nawkaw on site late afternoon.
Tuesday - 17/5/11 - Nawkaw on site.
Wednesday - 18/5/11 - No one on site early in morning.  Power connected.
Thursday - 19/5/11 - Caulking of brick joints and inside clean.
Friday - 20/5/11 - Independent Inspection.
Saturday - 21/5/11 - Our follow up not so independent inspection.
Sunday - 22/5/11 - I will go around and take photos of all of our blue marks.
Monday - 23/5/11 - Received inspection report and sent on to builder. Received final invoice.
Tuesday - 24/5/11 - Went around house with SS and sorted things. Certificate of Occupancy Inspection
Wednesday 25/5/11 - Painters and Tilers finishing off items.  SS called CoO not issued due to wide gaps on alfresco pier perpends, need engineering input.  Went through house in the evening, all paint "passable." This is just the wearing down stage.
Thursday 26/5/11 - Plumbers on site in the morning for a short period
Friday 27/5/11 - Found out pillars need to come down.
Saturday 28/5/11 - Pillars come down.  Bricks stacked in garage to rebuild.
Sunday 29/5/11 - No one on site.
Monday 30/5/11 - Brickies sand delivered, brickies on site in the afternoon
Tuesday 31/5/11 - Brickies to be finishing today.
Wednesday 1/6/11 - Hopefully new COO inspection
Thursday 2/6/11 - Laborer on site piling dirst for COO
Friday 3/6/11 - COO inspection
Saturday 4/6/11 - I moved 2.5 pallets of bricks
Sunday 5/6/11 - I moved 1.6 pallets of bricks
Monday 6/6/11 - Received COO and immediately sent to bank

Currently expected timeline:

8/6/11 - Appliances booked to be delivered
9/6/11 - Appliance fit off booked
10/6/11 - Hand Over
11/6/11 - We will start to move small stuff
12/6/11 - More moving and possibly sealing of showers etc with Nano Coat
13/6/11 - Further moving work to be done
14/6/11 - Booked removalists

Things that need to be done during this time:

Laundry Cornice - Finished 21/3/11 - needs to be painted. Done
Alfresco Cornice - Possibly finished on 15/3/11, Needs to be redone because it was removed by brickies. Done
Manhole in Garage - Being done on 8/3/11. Finished on 8/3/11 still needs to be painted.
Holes in Garage near rear lintel - Being done on 8/3/11. Finished 8/3/11 needs to be painted. (may not be painted, they look OK as they are)
Decking finished - Being done on 8/3/11, possibly being finished off with a surround and an access door. All done now for staining. Staining done 17/5/11.
Chrome Hanging Rails to Robes and WIR. Found them finished on 14/3/11 still have to check them all. Done all good.
Deck post holes filled - I did this on 7/5/11
Finish Downpipes - Finished 21/3/11 - Taken off near dining room, need to be put back up.  These will also be taken off on most walls. Put back up on 3/5/11 need to be painted.  They all look OK.  Maybe paint the pipe in the ground
Fix Sill Bricks - Started 23/3/11 finished 20/4/11
Fix brick joints - Started 23/3/11 finished 20/4/11
Finish vents in brickwork - Started 23/3/11 apparently all vents need to be lowered. Done 20/4/11
Brick cleaning on the south side, and in other areas.  Will now need to happen after repairs.  Being done on 27/4/11 looks good.
Quality check of brickwork. Done 23/3/11 lots more work to follow. Done. Few locations where naw kaw will need to finish.
Sub floor insulation. Scheduled for 5/5/11, almost finished only a few locations to be done (apparently they had to stop because the insulation got wet.) DONE
Ceiling insulation.  Done 23/3/11 Some gaps to be filled.
Rough render coat to master bedroom facade Being done 1/4/11 Needs review Painted and looks great 17/5/11
Finish painting inside seems to have been finished on 11/3/11, needs good quality review though. Preliminary review done 16/5/11 final review to be done 20/5/11. Mark ups done 21/5/11
Tiling, started on 11/3/11 - still needs to be caulked done. Bad tile in bath
Carpet - Booked for 4/4/11 installed 5/4/11
Stain floor boards - sanding started 30/3/11 Finished 1/4/11 only two coats. Too hard to argue.
Cornice in Alfresco needs to go back up DONE
Stain alfresco being done 16/5/11
Shower Screens - installed 5/4/11
Mirrors - Installed 28/3/11
Splashback - Installed 7/4/11
Toilets - Installed 21/3/11, however not BTW replaced on 3/5/11 right toilets need sealing and plaster repair. Plaster repair done, still needs sealing.
Plumbing Fit off - Done on 21/3/11 however kitchen tap and bath tap is wrong right tap put in on 3/5/11.
Electrical Fit off - Started on 21/3/11 another go on 30/3/11 more to come. Will finalise on 19/5/11.  Need aerial and some lights not working.
Ducted Heating
Ducted Vacuuming. Machine installed before 11/5/11 may need to fit off plugs inside DONE
Solar Hot Water
Evaporative Cooling - Brivis P64 installed 21/3/11 one outlet not properly attached.
Door handles and locks - Installed (11/3/11), need privacy locks for toilets and key all doors alike.
Garage Doors - Installed 9/5/11 Needs remotes
Appliance fit off
Cleaning - site cleaned on 22/3/11 however now messy again.
Levelling Soil around site.
Termite Protection

I will cross the above off and put a date next to them as we go.