Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Would have been nice to know weeks ago....

We had a 3 hour meeting with the Premier Sales Consultant. The length may have been a lot to do with the 140 items we had on our list. Unfortunately this is not the end of the design stage. We still need to provide the following:
  • A design of our kitchen including:
  1. Arrangement
  2. Number of drawers
  3. Number of cupboards
  4. Types of hinges / runners
  5. Types of handles
  6. Sort of finish
  7. Sink details
  8. Tap details
  • A design of our walk in pantry
  • The type of shower spray we want
Now if only we had known this whilst we were patiently waiting for the latest edition of plans things may have been able to move along a little quicker. Well at least I had already started on kitchen. What do you think?

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