Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How many times do we need to hear "End of the Week"

Again. Our plans are still not ready. We heard from the salesman at Premier and apparently the person at the builders who is responsible for putting the pricing information, specifications, contract info and other such stuff was sick last week. Why we need to know she is a chronic diabetic I don't know, but this the latest in a whole list of excuses.

Now we are starting to get very close to settlement and it certainly isn't looking like we will be starting on the ground any time soon. From what I see the following are outstanding before we can get the builder on site:
  • Get our revisions done to the plans, contract and specifications.
  • Get final approval from the bank for settlement on the block.
  • Get approval from the bank on the construction loan.
  • Have our plans provided to council for review due to apparent flooding.
  • Abolish Services at the block.
  • Organise House Demolition.
  • Have house demolished.
  • Clear Block.
Maybe then we can start.

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