Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Survey Done

After an eternal wait we finally received a letter from the builder.  This asked us to sign our life away on the boundaries of the block or provide a surveyors certificate.  We went with the surveyor and after a few phone calls I ended up getting a small back yard guy who works from home.  Within a week he delivered certified plans to our door, excellent service.

I've also spoken to our Site Supervisor (SS) for the first time.  I got an email from the builder asking for the rock to be removed.  I phoned back and asked for clarification and they said that SS would call me back.  Finally after three days and a couple of calls he did call and it was no issue, he just thought that I may have wanted to remove the soil (spoil from the tank excavation) before they built, which is happening very soon.  He indicated that they may start to excavate the flat area for the garage by the end of this week.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Something has happened

Her indoors went past this morning and guess what.
Does this mean site start?  Is the clock now ticking?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Permits received, new contact at builders

We have approved plans!!!!!!

We received the final amended documentation Monday, we signed it all and mailed it back on Tuesday.  I also scanned and emailed a copy to try to speed things up too.  I gave the builder a days grace to get sorted and called on Thursday.  They were in the process of transferring the documentation to the construction people.  Apparently a letter would have been sent out detailing our requirements on Friday.  We need to action this letter and get it back to the builder.  Once they receive this letter they will start on site within 21 days.  They did also promise that they will try to start earlier due to other delays that we have experienced.

I think the letter will ask us to ensure the following:
  • That the block is clear of rubbish and grass;
  • That the block boundaries are appropriately identified;
  • That we have identified the block by placing a sign with our name and the lot number on it.
It will probably also ask for things that we have already provided as well, including a certificate of title, evidence that we can pay for the construction and a few other things.

Last weekend the boys and I went to the block to double check the dimensions and to place a sign identifying the block, so I think that we have done everything required.  Now the waiting game continues.