Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Kitchen Ideas

Her indoors had a good look at ovens etc. yesterday and has now thrown something new into the mix. Apparently the 900mm wide ovens don't compare terribly well to the 600mm wall ovens. The compromise of going to the bigger space means that you lose out on actual oven performance. Therefore we now have a new idea, see to the right.

Instead of a freestanding oven we are now looking at a 900mm wide stove and possibly two side by side 600mm ovens beneath it. This rearranges the kitchen a little, but gives a bit more flexibility. Now we need to decide about the stove, the ovens and the range hood etc.

I went to Clive Peters today and spoke to a great salesman. Only problem is I am now even more confused. We first really liked the Highland Stove top. It has great reviews and supposedly the wok burner pumps out 22MJ/hour (compared to 12.5MJ/hour for the base westinghouse that comes with the house). The salesman however said that the gas supply to the house would never give you this power anyway so you were really kidding yourself going for this stove. He was recommending an LG stove that had more control on the burner and had three gas jets inside to give better output.

The next one was the oven. Her indoors found a really good Siemens oven and my salesman said the LG made great ovens. It is all starting to get too hard. Here's some pictures to make the page look nice.

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