Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bank is playing funny

Apparently because of the nice and easy way that we are trying to rearrange our home finances the bank has decided to have an issue. Whilst we were all comfortably sitting away on our holiday her indoors gets a phone call from our mortgage broker. Just one more form to fill out to add to our woes apparently. This was a little harder than would normally be the case. All we needed to do was download the pdf sent to us by our broker, print it out, sign it and then fax or scan and email it back. No worries. Well at least her indoors has a slightly more sophisticated mobile phone than my office allows me to have but this only meant that we could see that we had actually received the email.

Given that most people on the holiday seemed to have the flu it seemed that it was up to me to find an Internet cafe or similar to organise things as I only had a cold. I went down the slippery hill to where her indoors had spent most of last years trip checking up on her email. Unfortunately these were only little kiosk computers with no printing facilities. I then had to climb back up the hill and beg to the apartment management to use their computer and printer. The wonderful people helped me out and we had a printed version. We signed it faxed it back (again via the apartment managers printer) and had that sorted......

Well maybe not. Her indoors being the inquisitive sort decided that she needed to contact our conveyancor to check when settlement would really occur. Oh oh... It may not be happening.

Apparently the bank has decided to introduce a new process into our mortgage. This process that they have sprung on us will take approximately 2 weeks, great when we only have two days till settlement. We need to discharge our current mortgage in order transfer it from our name to my name. The bank is blaming us / our conveyancor and our mortgage broker for not informing them of the fact that we needed to transfer the mortgage. The conveyancor and our broker are both saying that they have never had to worry about this before in their combined experience.

So I arrived in whilst her indoors was having a heated discussion with a representative of the bank. Poor her indoors was getting quite exasperated and seemed to be going over the same point over and over again. Now she was getting quite red in the face and with the flu symptoms still lingering you could tell that she was suffering. Suppressing my giggles I put on my concerned face and nodded through the remainder of the one side of the conversation I could hear.

Well there now seems to be a big chance that settlement will not occur on the suggested date and we will be out of pocket because of this. Our conveyancor apparently warned the bank that she would sue the bank for any loss experienced by us, by our vendor and any other party that may suffer due to the banks new proceedure.

Well. We'll find out soon. Most likely before I get to post this blog.

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