Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tracking progress? Use a blog.

If you are building a house I strongly recommend that you blog about it. The other day I reread the whole blog. This was with an aim to compare the rain records from bom with what I had recorded as happening. It seems to me as though they only really worked when there was a lot of rain and the site sat idle during clear and dry weather. This is awesome evidence in a fight about inclement weather.

Also in my review I learnt a lot about some other aspects which I had forgotten about. An example was when I took a photo of the lintel delivery slip. I commented back then that I thought that they didn't have enough of a certain length. The brickie eventually discovered this and they had to order more. Now we have a few spare angel sections sitting around.

Yesterday I popped by twice. The first time I thought I saw a car leaving the site but I had a quick look around.

They had cleaned up a lot inside which may mean they are getting ready for painting. Also the bulkhead above the fridge cavity has been installed.

There is a lining for the roof access in the laundry.

The linen cupboard now seems to have the facia piece added and is now much stiffer.

The chippy now just needs to finish off the walk in robe shelving and inside is all done. He then needs to finish the deck and then the verandah.

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