Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fretting over fretwork

Antique White USA or Manor Red?

I went by the house this morning to see the painters continuing on the facade. They have painted the vertical timber bits on our gables manor red.

This seems to be how we specified the paint. However we thought that those little white bits should also be red. We have two choices now. Either argue that the spec we copied was wrong and that this should be fixed. This may result in us having to pay a variation. Or leave it as it is. The painter was happy to fix it, however since it was in the spec he would need approval from Romeo.

The painter was kind enough to let me look through the house. It looks as though water has got in from the brick cleaning and stained the floorboards near the front door.

Hopefully sanding and staining will get rid of this.

Also I've noticed that the expansion joints in the brickwork do not appear to continue all the way up the brickwork.

I would have thought that the movement will need to be taken out over the whole depth. Without a continuation over the window the mortar in this are could crack. Don't ask me though I'm just a structural engineer.

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  1. Either a charcoal grey to match your roof, or the manor red to match your finials will look good, the antique white looks too bland, but that's just my opinion.