Friday, February 18, 2011

Painting started

We had three trades at our house today. An electrician was there doing something in our meter box. Our carpenter was there, apparently still not sure what to do with our deck (we will send him a photo and sketch of what was at the display home). And our painters were there.

Her indoors stopped by after a work meeting and got stuck talking. Whilst this may not be surprising to those who know her she was in a hurry. She was waylaid by the carpenter about the deck and then the painters wanted to make sure they had everything right about the paint. Apparently the painters were very careful to make sure they had e everything right. Her indoors helped to make sure that every feature wall was in the right place and that the right colour was above and below the picture rail. Lucky I wasn't there.

Unfortunately we stuffed up our selection for the exterior paints. Do you see something weird.

They have painted the fretwork in the cables antique white USA. We could swear that we had never chosen that colour, however that is exactly what we had copied from the display home selections. Now that I know what fretwork is I may have been able to see the error but back then we had no idea. It should really be manor red.

The carpenter has also finished some more fretwork over the master bedroom.

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