Friday, February 18, 2011

4 to 6 weeks?

Well the meeting on Wednesday morning went OK. I was given a timeline of four to six weeks and an apology for putting our site supervisor under too much pressure.

The director seemed to be a reasonable bloke however he did tell me that it was rain that had caused most of the delays which got me very annoyed. He did also contradict himself in saying that he would take responsibility for the finalization but then kept referring back to the site supervisor. That is, he would say I will have to get the site supervisor to sort that out.

Supposedly the painting should have started already. He said if they don't start painting by Friday (today) he would get a different contractor in. Therefore if there isn't any action today by 4:00 he will get a phone call. The painting is supposed to take a week.

Following our meeting in the morning there still did not seem to be any action. However yesterday it looks like the electricians have been around.

There are holes where most power points and switches should go.

It looks like they haven't finished though as we are supposed to have two power points in the splashback.

Oh well we'll see how things go for now.

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  1. Not good news, doesn't fill me with confidence, with contract signing looming next week. I hope they will start paying you from early March. Why is it still taking that long?