Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whose bare feet are these?

Had a look around inside yesterday to see if anything else had happened. Nothing seemed to have been done inside however I saw these footprints.

There was a lot of mud at the entrance so I thought maybe someone had come in to have a look around and were kind enough to make less mess. However these footprints went everywhere throughout the house. Even right up to the toilet window. It seemed as though someone may have been doing a detailed look at everything. Being optimistic I am assuming that it may have been the site supervisor back from leave.

The builders office opens on Wednesday so we will see how they respond to my queries from before Christmas.

I also took a few photos of the completed garage floor.

This is looking from the wip door.

The finish looks pretty good and I think that they may have sloped it slightly to the front. The also put a good little slope near the back roller door.

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