Sunday, August 15, 2010

Site Visit / Plumbing and Sound Insulation

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I'm trying to do my tax and other things so I am getting more of "why do you an mum spend so much tim on those laptops?" 

On Thursday morning I met up with the Site Supervisor (SS). We were both early and I went through the list with him in almost 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, as far as her indoors is concerned, I missed out on the most important question "will we be in by Christmas?"  The SS was pretty easy going about the list of items and asked that I send them in an email.  He did do the expected "Well the insulation isn't in the spec, so that's why we didn't put it in."  I followed this up with it is on the signed drawings and I am sure that it would be required for a five star rating.  This was followed by, "Oh well, I suppose someone is going to get into trouble."

As I was finishing up with the SS the plumbers arrive to start to rough the plumbing into the frames.  They got all of the pipework in, the only thing that I couldn't see was there was no water supply for the evaporative cooling. I also noticed that the pipes for the hot water supply was insulated but not with what Jay and Kylee was describing as appropriate insulation.

We have recently been looking into providing some extra insulation within the house, predominantly for soundproofing.  We want to make sure that bathroom noises don't pass into the boys rooms etc.  Her indoors did some phone shopping and drove around and found some good deals for Bradford Soundscreen insulation.  We've sized them up and now we need to order them, according to the SS we can put them in any time.


  1. Soundscreen is definately worth getting. Installed it throughout the theatre room, and you can feel the thickness.

    As for the Armaflex insullation for your solar hot water pipes, i doubt that you would find any plumber putting it in, because of the cost.

    The proper solar Armaflex retails for about $200 for 25mtr coil while the standard stuff is about $4 for 2mtr lengths, so you can see why they use it.
    I deal with Armacell (the supplier) all the time and they told me that is the reason why they put orange stickers on the boxes because no plumbers use it and they must because of regulations.
    Difference is in the wall thickness and its material makeup and temperatures it can hold.

    If you want me to get you a price on the insullation let me know.

  2. Did you have any trouble getting the troublesome items fixed? And did they put the proper Armaflex insulation on once you pointed out that it is required by regulations?