Thursday, August 27, 2009

Layout on Block

We had to do it.

Other than the usual impulse to continually go past our latest expensive possession we thought we'd better check the mail, look at the fences etc. etc. Today we decided to try to lay out the new house.

We were asking questions like:
- Where will the kids bedroom look out on?
- How big is our back yard?
- What will our alfresco look out on?
- How much space have we got down the side?
- What will our drive way look like?

The only thing available today though was some bricks marking out garden beds and our extremely accurate 1 stride = 1 metre (also my vague memory of the dimensions). Here is where our back wall is (look very closely for the bricks):
This weekend we may get some marking paint and a proper measuring device along with a copy of the plans and we will mark it out for real. I also might try to replant some of the great roses on the block into the far back to see if we can save them for later.

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