Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cabinet Tour

I got to have a good look at the cabinets this evening.  There were a few issues that have been picked up that are being rectified.  If you look at the previous post some of the doors in the bathrooms had the handles going vertically.  We distinctly remember asking for these to go horizontally.  Just an aesthetic thing, however they realised this error and had to take the doors back to the shop.  Also one of the doors was damaged whilst they were carrying it inside.
As you can see in the above photo they didn't quite get the cupboards above the fridge the right width, so this had to be taken back to made to the right size.  Also they measured the walk in pantry slightly off so they need to adjust one of the shelves that also.
This is our ensuite.
Here's the kitchen bench. The cut out isn't too big, we were a little worried about this. The second set of draws from the right is our bin drawer with our recycling above.

Above is our video of the new bins.
Here's the main wall for the kitchen.  We will get two cupboards covering where the range hood goes.
These are the light boxes that we have in the cupboards above the benches.  We will get someone to install led down lots here in the future when we feel that we really need them.
This is our new sink.  It was still in a box and it looks like it has come with all of the accessories.
Here's the full kitchen. Next we need the caesarstone bench tops and the glass splashback.
Here's another dilemma.  See that bit of mdf on the laundry bench above.  This is the bulkhead for the cupboards up high.  Now we don't have to put this in place if we don't want to.  My preference was to not put it there and use the space above as a shelf.  Also it may help getting things in and out of the manhole.
We've had another leak in the laundry which will hopefully be rectified soon.
Here's the boys bathroom.
Unfortunately it looks like there is a scratch on one of the drawers.  I think we'll save this for the fit off inspection.

Now if you've made it this far through the post you can try to guess what the following is.  I don't know yet but a price will go to the neatest and most correctly spelled answer.....
There were two of these sitting outside..

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