Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sill bricks and that door lining thing

I went round to the house today with the intent to move all of the left over bricks to the back so that I can save them for building a letter box or something.  Unfortunately the brickie hadn't quite finished and I would have had to move lots of his things around to get the bricks around and felt that this may have been a bit of an imposition.  He has done the sills on some of the windows.
As you can see the decking still hasn't been fixed onto our alfresco.  I don't think that the brickie has added a nice enough slope onto the sill bricks.  This may need to be mentioned and fixed up.  I might give the SS a call tomorrow.
I walked all through the house but it took me a trip through the whole thing before I noticed what the carpenter had been up to.  There is this extra bit of wood that they add that the door stops on, I have no idea what it is called however this is what was added today.
Also on the way out I found that the lining for the verandah ceiling had been done too.

On the weekend the boys in their usual rummage through the leftovers found some pieces of the firestreak floor boards.  So I took these pieces, nailed them together, sanded them and then put some linseed oil on them to see what they would look like when the floorboards get stained.

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