Sunday, September 20, 2009

Final Pricing

Sorry about the lack of information for the last three weeks.  We have been in negotiation on the Final Pricing.  On 5 September we received an email, that had been promised two weeks earlier.  This contained a spreadsheet with our "final pricing."  How it could be final when it included a lot of questions that we needed to answer I do not know.  There were questions that had been included in our specification documents, and there were new things that we didn't think that we needed to specify.

After a day of review and the creation of two pages of questions and answers to their questions we sent off a response.  I phoned the sales guy the next day to ensure that he got, and as usual I got voice mail.  I thought I would also call the builder to ensure that they had the documentation.  I got their email address and sent the info on.

After plenty more promises of when it would be received we finally got the "revised final pricing" yesterday.  There were still more questions and more things that appeared to be missing.  There was also very loose specifications in the document that could have been very difficult to interpret.

We spent most of yesterday getting through this final pricing and then sending it off.  We have confirmation that the sales guy has received it and he has asked that we now progress to contracts.  We may be on our way.

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