Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're In

Successful handover today.

We are camping out in the house tonight.

These are our old stools that her indoors wants to update ASAP.
My son made up the display in the first photo.
Cleaner and our driveway to come tomorrow removalists on Monday.

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  1. Yayyyyy!!! Fantastic news, you must be so thrilled. Can't wait to see some finished product photos.

  2. Hooray!!!! What an epic! I agree, can't wait to see more pics!!

  3. congratulations, its been a long time coming!

  4. Its good to find people like you and blogs like this, where people share their personal experience from their encouters with different removalists. If you ask me that means a lot.

  5. Hi there, its been a couple of months since you moved in, just wondering how you are all going and are you happy with your new home. Would love to see some progress pics.