Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hand over this week?

Well they still didn't get everything together last week to satisfy the inspector for the certificate of occupancy.  Supposedly he needed a certificate to indicate that termite protection had been done, however this was not provided to him.

This of course meant that we will have very little time to get the cetificate of occupancy to our bank in order for them to organise an inspection and then get the cheque to us in time for hand over.  Her indoors was the one to find this out and using her usual negotiation techniques managed to get an assurance from the site supervisor that we will be in by the end of this week.  So it was action stations on Friday afternoon. Appliances were booked to be delivered on Thursday and we are hunting for removalists.  The one we had lined up may only be able to do the Tuesday after the Queens birthday long weekend.  This may actually be great, it will give us the whole long weekend to get things sorted for the move and even to move some things ourselves.

So I thought that I had better put together a list of things that still need to be done:
  • Touch up around the alfresco pillars following the rebricking.
  • Need an aerial
  • Need some lights to be fixed that aren't working
  • Solar hot and gas hot water needs to be connected
  • Need garage remote controls
  • Need bolts for sliding doors
  • All locks are to be keyed alike
  • Check that insulation is finished in ceiling
  • The privacy lock to the toilet doesn't quite work properly
  • Warped steelwork above verandah still needs repair
  • There are a few locations where the mortar colour will need to be fixed up
  • Need to check that the toilets are properly sealed
  • Security system needs to go in
  • Ducted heating needs to be working
  • There is a really bad kink in the gas supply to the ducted heating
  • The power supply to the ducted heating is via an extension cord, this is not acceptable.
  • Down pipes still have not been painted at the base
  • Alfresco gas supply has not been fitted off
  • The bath tap needs to be re-attached
  • Mortar on the alfresco pillars will need to be cleaned and possibly recoloured
  • Need to check that the mortar near the sub floor access has been repaired
  • Need evidence from the electrician that the light covers are acceptable.
  • The 50mm hole in the bathroom vanity needs to be sealed in some way
  • The 2.9m long shelf in Bed 2 needs reinforcing due to the long span

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